The better way to get development done

Software engineering bandwidth on subscription

Get unlimited tech bandwidth to build, scale, and maintain your tech stack. Whether you are looking to get a chrome extension built, custom AI tools and workflows, or a full-fledged web application, we have you covered.

Bring your ideas to life fast. Looking for a MVP? Get it done in two weeks (or less).

How it works

It is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Create a subscription plan, and get access to your project dashboard.
  2. Add tasks to your dashboard. Tasks get completed one by one.
  3. Approve or request changes to the completed tasks until you are 100% satisfied.

That's it! You can now focus on your business while we take care of your tech stack.

Get more done, for everyone

Bring on your team

Add as many people as you want to your subscription plan at no extra cost. Invite your team to add requests, review completed tasks, or provide feedback.

Timely updates

The status of your tasks is updated on a daily basis. You would be able to see what is being worked on, what is completed, and what is next.

You'll also have access to a live preview for you to check on the progress.

Quick turnaround

80% of the tasks are completed within 48-72 hours. We understand the importance of speed to businesses.

Fixed price

We charge a fixed price for the subscription plan, irrespective of the amount of work or complexity of the task involved. This way, you can plan your budget effectively.

Whether your current task is a simple frontend fix or a new complex feature, your subscription amount remains unchanged.

Tasks get completed one by one, and you can add more tasks as you go along.

Simple, transparent and predictable pricing

We have one plan and one plan only - $999/month.

For this, you get access to unlimited tasks, unlimited revisions, and unlimited support - with us working on one task at a time.

If you need us to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, you can add more units to your subscription at $999/month per unit. For example, if you add 3 units, you would be billed $2997/month, and we would work on 3 tasks simultaneously - tripling the speed at which we can get things done for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of tasks I can add in a month?

No. You can add as many tasks as you want. However, tasks will get completed one-by-one. Once a task has been completed, we will automatically move on to the next task in the queue.

What is a task?

Anything that you need get done is a request, or a task. To ensure speed and efficiency, we recommend breaking down your requirements into smaller tasks. For example, "Build me a Canva like tool" is a requirement, and not a task. A requirement often has multiple tasks associated with it, and if you are unsure on what tasks would be involved in fulfilling your requirement, we can help you break it down.

How will I add tasks?

Once you have subscribed to a plan, within 24 hours, we will set up a link for you where you would be able to add your requests or tasks.

In addition to this, you would also receive:

  • a link to your Stripe customer portal where you can manage your subscription
  • an invite to a Slack channel to communicate with your project manager who would assist you with any queries you may have at any time. The project manager would also be available to assist you in breaking down your requirements into tasks.

How would we communicate?

We would primarily use your project board to update you on the progress, track revision requests etc. If there are occasional longer discussions required, for example, when you need help breaking down a complex requirement into tasks, we would discuss those over Slack.

We do not do frequent meetings by default and use meetings only when there are urgent issues to resolve and it’s more efficient to clarify the details with a call.

How does the pausing subscription work?

Billing cycles are based on a 30 day period. For example if you subscribe and use the service for 10 days and then pause your subscription, the billing cycle will get paused and you’ll have 21 days of service remaining to be used anytime in the future.

Do you work on weekends?

We do not work on weekends. However, if you have an urgent requirement, we would try to accommodate it on a case-by-case basis.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. If you’re not satisfied with your subscription for any reason, please contact us and we’ll do our best to resolve this.

How secure is my data?

We communicate using Slack, and each customer has their own project dashboard - completely inaccessible to anyone outside their team.

All billing information is fully secured with Stripe, a certified PCI Service provider.

Why do you charge a fee for the exploratory call?

To prevent abuse and to keep our calendar free for more urgent calls, we charge a nominal fee for the exploratory call. This ensures that we are talking to customers who have an urgent requirement and are looking to get started immediately.

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